S obzirom na moje trenutne postavke, da li bi Steam Deck bio pravi za mene?

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Hey All. I’d recently put myself down for a bid on a 256gb Steam Deck, and while it does seem like a pretty cool device to have, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s something that would really be good for me to have. I currently have a Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Surface Studio and Surface Book 2.

Initially I was thinking of weening off consoles and dedicating future purchases to PC, but I’m wondering if the Steam Deck would really be the best step to take. I should also note that I’m fresh out of graduate school and looking for work, and know that gaming is something I really need to keep in check. While I’m not exactly broke, I’m still in a stage where I need to be more mindful of my spending habits.

Gaming on either of my computers tends to mess them up. Surface Studio freezes up the most it seems whenever I compromise it with any downloaded games (or maybe it’s just getting old). I am afraid to compromise my Surface Book 2 as it seems to be my most reliable computer at this time, and I worry that gaming will hinder it too. I also care a lot about DRM free gaming on PC, even though I don’t always have the most practical computers for it, and while I know Deck isn’t entirely DRM free, I had obtained a ton of Steam games through trades and bundles, but hardly play any of them.

Given what I already have, is the Steam Deck something that I’d really need? Or would I be better with another setup. I could for example commit my indie gaming habits to the Surface Book 2, at the risk of waring out my computer, but I would have the potential to keep them DRM Free. On the other hand, maybe it would be better for me to commit my computers to work for my craft, and stick with gaming on Switch for exclusives and indie games while using PS4 for any more demanding games. I’d greatly appreciate any input on the matter.


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