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Odg: Annihilation
« Odgovori #75 : 06. Prosinac, 2013., 22:52 »
Opet dosle 3 nove klase. Po meni sve nekako beskorisne! :)
Orginal  log pogledajte ovdije.
Bug fixes:
  • Beserker's hearts reset after death and starts with 7 instead of 8.
  • Scorpio can't pull players into a 2 by 1 hole, this lead to the suffocation of the pulled player. When players are pulled, they gain 10 seconds of fall damage invincibility, this is to prevent scorpios from instantly killing players by pushing them off high towers. Scorpios no longer bring the hooked player to their respawn location.
  • Scout can't grapple under water but receive the speed 1 buff after respawing.
  • Succubus no longer dies after clicking a team mate.
  • Transporter can't suffocate team mates by placing the teleporter underground, when ore regenerates and a portal is placed on the regenerated ore, the teleporter will be destroyed and hence can't be used as an infinite teleporter. Players can no longer place a transporter on the class changer portal to break the portal and mining the teleporter no longer gives the player exp. The teleporter can't be placed on chests.

  • Jumping in the void and logging out will cause the player to die and drop all their items.
  • Blocks being able to be placed in the lobby
  • The class changer feather can't be brought into the game
  • Pistons being able to move ores, Resources & Teleporters
  • Soulbound items being able to be placed in chests
  • When the game ends, the nexus can no longer be destroyed.
  • Class Descriptions updated.
  • Valleys no longer spawns Diamonds in Phase 1.

Efficiency fixes:
  • The nexus distance on the scoreboard has been removed and the compass now displays which team it is pointing at. This was a task that went off every half a second and would calculate the distance of the player to the nexus for everyone on the server.
  • Scoreboards only get updated when needed.

Content Update:
  • You are now able to use the /chat command. This allows you to clean up the chat if you so wish, for example (/chat DeathMessages Team) will only show DeathMessages of your team.
  • Defender - You are the last line, while around the nexus you gain the regeneration buff and killing players while in the vicinity of the nexus rewards you with extra experience points.
  • Builder - You are the structure, create defensive buildings to prevent your enemies from reaching the nexus. You gain a small amount of in-game xp for placing blocks and you have the ability to call in Resource Packages.
  • Farmer - Gather food by using the special fertilizer item, gained by destroying tall grass around the map, to instantly grow any type of crop. While doing this you are able to find other useful items that increase your value.
  Class Updates:
  • Tinkerer - When you place the pads, it automatically places the pressure-plate on top. When a team mate breaks the pad or the pressure-plate it returns to the tinkerer's inventory. The pad's lifetime has been removed and so lasts until you die.
  • Enchanter- The experience gain is more noticeable, gaining experience from all types of resource gathering (except from crops). You are also able to transfer your exp into Bottles of Experience and give to your team mates.
  Phase GUI:
  • The Gui shows on top of your screen, in the form of the EnderDragon boss bar. This counts down the time left to vote and the time left for the next phase to start.
  • New Map Kingdom added.
  • Andorra v2 added
« Zadnja izmjena: 06. Prosinac, 2013., 23:10 MrSmolaCar »
Svakodnevno palim bojler i izmišljam toplu vodu.

Odg: Annihilation
« Odgovori #76 : 07. Prosinac, 2013., 13:33 »
Svidja mi se :D Dosta podseca na Legue of Legends ali u MC... Igram 24/7 :D

Odg: Annihilation
« Odgovori #77 : 08. Prosinac, 2013., 18:44 »

1. Ulogirajte se na shotbow stranici
2. otvorite link
3. upišite :   DECEMBER
4. pritisnite ENTER
5. Dobili ste 1000 xpa


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