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[Silkroad] Januera Online
« : 14. Svibanj, 2015., 00:16 »
Pozdrav svima,

Ja sam novi na ovom forumu i primjetio sam da nema price o igrici Silkroad Online. Vjerujem da dobar dio oldschool playera zna koja je to igra i zainteresovan je da cuje novosti da postoji jedan jako dobar privatni server Januera. Trenutno kapacitet servera je 1500 i kosntanto je pun. Dosta ljudi igra, i vjerovatno je najpopularniji do sada. Ako pomaze u prilogu je quatan citav thread od ovog serva. Nadam se da cu vidjeti dosta ljudi tamo. Pozz

We have worked on this project for months because we want to be able to offer you an excellent gaming experience. We collected data from every server that existed, learned from their mistakes, tested everything that will affect ingame content in short and long term, in order to provide a server that lasts as long as possible. To achieve this we had to disable some features, add some new stuff and so on.
Before describing our server's content, we want to clarify our main purpose of releasing this project, what we aim for and who we are.

A real, stable Silkroad server... a real, long term Silkroad server... it sounds impossible, right? It has been a huge pain to provide such. We want to give a shot and attempt to provide you a stable server with our extraordinary protection system. We are paying for the best protection available and we also have a real time support for all your urgent emergencies.

LAG, the most annoying thing in online gaming. Just to make everything clear, we have an investor who is paying for everything that we need for providing a stable server, thus we do NOT really hesitate when it comes to paying for the best option. The world ”lag” shouldn't have anything to do with our server.
As we pointed out above, stability comes first and after that comes the rest.

When we look at the servers that died in a few weeks or months after the release, the sources of the problems are easy to see. It's lag, downtimes, game content failures, pay2win systems, careless admins and teams, you name it. In our case, we can tell you that this server is a real PLAY-to-win server. You can acquire almost any item in the item mall without donating by participating in events, jobbing, unique killing etc.
In Januera, we have NPCs at Hotan selling most of the silk items for gold and coins.

Now the magic, how can we make into a long term server? Easy, if you just set everything up at once and leave it as it is, it gets super boring because there is nothing to do after the players reach everything they desired. We will definately have weekly and monthly updates to prevent this from happening! Adding new stuff and keeping you on your toes is the key, isn't it?

One last thing before we give you the list of the server's features. As we just pointed out above, we will be working on updates right after the release. This means we will not be able to provide 24/7 support. We could, but we won't. Because we believe that having a big team in this scene always ends up badly. It either leads into corruption or something else. We don't want to f*ck things up, so it's better to have a small team capable of handling everything. It's also better when GMs and GAs don't walk around talking to the players all day long. However, you can keep in touch with us through our forums.

Finally, it's time to show you what we got. Here we go:


News - Januera



[SIZE="4"]Open Beta:[/SIZE]

26th April, 2015, Sunday.

[SIZE="5"]Grand Opening: [/SIZE]


[SIZE="4"]Download Januera: [/SIZE]
Download - Januera

[SIZE="4"]Direct Links: [/SIZE]


[SIZE="5"]Information about Beta[/SIZE]

In order to make sure everything is fine, we wanted to test things out by starting with an open beta phase. EVERYTHING will be WIPED after the period has ended.
The start level for beta is 100, coins are free at the NPC, new scrolls, elixirs, silk items, everything is free. Log in and take part in the testing!
Side note: Server might be going up and down during this week since we have to fix bugs and add some stuff. In a few days after the beta server has gone online, we will be moving from the test server to our main host. After that everything should be stable. Also, we are planning to REWARD players who PARTICIPATE in the beta and help us with testing..



Patrick Allen, United Kingdom - 27 | Investing, Development

I'm an oldschool player from isro/oasis. I'm down to give you a hand whenever you need me. Cheers!

Muhab, Egypt - 19 Administration, Game Master, Developer, Website Designer

yo, Its Muhab aka HoBa
I got enough experience when it comes to silkroad, have been working there for over 1 year now.
I  have released an automatic event bot aka eBot which is being used by a lot of psro servers lately. I had to improve it since we are now releasing Januera. You'll find out!!
 Sql is my main language then c# and a bit of c++/assembly, php, website coding.. at least i can get my stuff done there. As this is my first project, I'm really excited for that.. I promise i will be there to work on updates as long as you are here with us, can't wait for it, lets goo!

Cosmin Meca, Romania - 29 | Administration, Game Master, Designer, Mod

Hey there fellas,
I'm the co-founder of Januera project. I'm glad we made it to release!! Pretty sure you will love it, take your time in Januera and find me on Forum whenever
you need me.

[SIZE="4"]Official Trailer Video[/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"]Basic Information[/SIZE]

Cap 100

- Chinese & European

Exp Rate

- 20X


- You don't need to gap, you start with additional SP.

Drop Rate

- Gold: 1X
- Elixirs:4X
- Useless drops such as return scrolls, tablets, arrow bolts are removed.

Start Level:

- 64. As we believe leveling from 1 to 64 is boring for most of the players, we decided to start it from 64. Yes we know, you grind only once, but no worries, you will need some time to reach 100 as the exp rate is not that high.

Auto Equipment

- You start with 8th degree SOM items. You won’t need to re-equip until 9 degree as you will get 9th degree ones (SOM) as well. Just to let you know, you won’t be able to destroy 9th degree items, destroyer rondo is removed.


Start Items

Here are the items you start with. Should be enough for some time.


We can easily say that Januera is an event based server. Events run automatically by the our automatic bot are listed below.

CTF (8 times a day)
Battle Arena (7 times a day, Random/Party/Guild/Job)
Hide & Seek Event (2 times a day)
Seach & Destroy Event (2 times a day)
Trivia Event (10 times a day)
Kill The GM Event (2 times a day)
Lucky Party Number Event (2 times a day)
Alchemy Event (2 times a day)
Last Man Standing Event (Once)

Here is the full list of Daily events, as you always desired:

00:00 CTF
01:15 Automatic Trivia Event
02:15 Automatic Trivia Event
03:00 CTF
04:15 Automatic Trivia Event
05:15 Automatic KillTheGM Event
06:00 CTF
08:15 Automatic Trivia Event
09:00 CTF
09:30 Automatic LuckyPartyNumber Event
09:45 Automatic Hide&Seek Event
11:15 Automatic Trivia Event
12:00 CTF
12:30 Automatic Alchemy Event
13:00 Automatic Search&Destroy Event
14:15 Automatic Trivia Event
15:00 CTF
15:45 Automatic KillTheGM Event
17:15 Automatic Alchemy Event
18:00 CTF
18:15 Automatic Trivia Event
18:45 Automatic Hide&Seek Event
19:15 Automatic LastManStanding Event
19:45 Automatic LuckyPartyNumber Event
20:15 Automatic Trivia Event
21:00 CTF
21:00 Boss Unique Spawn
22:00 Automatic Search&Destroy Event
22:15 Automatic Trivia Event
23:45 Automatic Trivia Event

Automatic Events (Introducing shorty)

As I coded the eBot for vsro based psro servers, I had to use it for my own server of course. I made it much better than the current one. Added anti cheat system and some new events which were not originally available for the eBot. He will help you any time you need it. :)

- Automatic Trivia Event
- Automatic KillTheGM Event
- Automatic Hide&Seek Event
- Automatic LuckyPartyNumber Event
- Automatic LastManStanding Event
- Automatic Alchemy Event
- Automatic Search&Destroy Event
- Automatic Unique Event
- Automatic PVP Event (BETA)


As some of the reverse points are removed, it should be more fun to hunt uniques. We have also added some special uniques and some of which can only be killed by STR chars as well.

A- Normal Uniques

Available on their own spawn points. Spawn time: 2 Hours & 30 minutes – 3 Hours & 30 minutes.

- Tigergirl
- Cerberus
- Captain Ivy
- Uruchi
- Isyutaru
- Lord Yarkan
- Demon Shaitan

B- Special Uniques

Spawns every 4 hours - 4 hours and 30 mins

-   Devourer Hell Monster
-   Behemoth

Spawn Area:

You can teleport to this area from HT teleporter.

C- Daily Boss Unique

-   Death Bone
Spawns once a day, 21:00 Server time

Spawn Area: Roc Mt.
You can teleport to this area from HT teleporter.

D- Search & Destroy Unique

-   Undine
Spawns twice a day as the event is automatically run by eBot. 3 Spawns each time including 1 that can be killed by STR chars only.

Spawn Area:

E- Job Cave Uniques

This is where you get your Gold Coins from. They are needed for SUN accessory parts.
Check ''SOX'' tab for further information.

Reward System

There are different types of coins you get from the events and uniques. They are needed for SOX parts, scrolls and silk items as we promised for play 2 win game content.

•  SOX Items

Seal Of Star (Last tier +2)
Seal Of Moon (Last tier +3)
Seal Of Sun (Last tier +4)

Seal of Star:

Can be obtained from mobs (92-100) located around Constantinople town. (Low-Mid drop rate)
Can also be obtained from from Job Cave Mobs (Mid-High drop rate)

Seal of Moon:

- For SOM, you will have to work yourself. It's NOT tradeable, you can't pay for coins to get it directly either.

Coins you need for SOM:

BA/CTF Coins
Job Coins
Unique Coins (Ruble)

Seal of Sun:

Weapons: You can get sun weapon through Forgetten World. However it's really hard.

Accessories: You will need to farm Gold Coins which can be gained from Job Cave uniques and a certain amount of other coins.

Conclusion: Don't ever be concerned about the difference between each sox. I mean, yes a difference of one plus may not sound enough BUT since the alchemy rate is low, it makes sense. Also, we are planning to boost SOM and SUN items with sockets and some other features as they need to be better than SOS parts.

•  Forgetten World

Once again, we really really want to enable everything that is possible. So here we have Forgotten World! What does it stand for is, SOX weapons, another way to get a SOX weapon. Details are given above.

•  Fortress War

We have been told that Fortress War has to be changed a little bit. Correct! It’s a mess, everyone knows it. Makes no sense to occupy the fortress until the very last 30 minutes. The question is, what does the first one hour stand for? Shortening the fortress war time would make no sense, so we ended up strengthening fortress construction. Hopefully it will work and bring you more fun! Now the strong one is taking over!

IP / PC Limit = 1 (At Fortress War time)

Another thing we have is new flags. They’re stronger than the ones added in Fortress NPCs and they can ONLY be produced in the fortress. That’s what makes it special.


Hotan Fortress
Jangan Fortress
Constantinople Fortress (In progress)

Pets (Dark Lizard & Behemot)

Pets that can be produced inside fortress are now useful. Seriously, why did we even have them before? Now they have higher speed and HP!

•  Jobbing / Job Cave / JobSuits

Jobbing is the main source of income since we lowered the item selling prices as well as gold drops.

Moreover, you will need Job Coins for SOM parts.

New job suits have been added to the NPC called ''Job Suits Dealer'' in Donwhang. You'll need a certain job level to be able to use them.

Honor Buff System

It could be directly linked to job system but since we want players to take part in many things, it has been added to the Special NPC as a scroll which can be purchased with points. It will not be very easy to get them.

You gain 1 point from each kill in Job Cave and fortress war.  It counts only once when you kill the same player. (12 Hours delay)

•  Skill Balance

Okay, the hardest part now. Hopefully, we did a good job editing/nerfing/disabling some of the skills. As you know, balancing EU/CH is never going to happen, so you better be happy with that.

What I have to tell you is, we are not willing to disable too much. However, we don't want EU to take over. In this case, we will be doing our best to provide a fair gaming experience for each character versus one another.

- Boosted Bicheon with extra criticals and temporary atk. pwr. increase,
- Boosted Pacheon with extra criticals and passive atk. rate increase,
- Disabled fire-icewall spams,
- Boosted overall CH damage,
- Decreased force debuff % a bit, still OK.
- Disabled force/ cure-heal spamming
- Balanced warrior buff boost (Fences, screens, skins etc: Higher cooldown,
- Lowered the distance of bard/warrior buffs, so you have to fight together but not hiding your buffers somewhere else than the battle area.
- Holy spell and healing spam is nerfed/decreased/balanced.
- Disabed warlock for STR's.
- Also decreased rogue a little bit.
- Boosted bard ''ATACK'' skills a little bit.

-| CHINA |-


1- Ocean Blade Force | K-down 45%
2- Demon Blade Force | K-down 45%
3- Celestial Ground Bicheon Force:  Phy. Atk. pwr. 133 > 300 | Additional 10% DMG Increase
4- Ocean Blade Force | Critical 5 Increase
5- Asura Cut Blade | Critical 5 Inc > Critical 10 Increase


*No changes*


1- 5 Arrow Combo / 6 Arrow Combo = Shared cooldown
2- Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate: Critical 40 Increase > 45 Increas
3- Anti Devil Bow - Strike: Critical 35 Increase > 40 Increase
4- Mind Concentration | Atk. Rate 35 Increase > 65 Increase


1- Icewall cooldown: 20 Seconds
2- Int requirement for Snow Shield use (Disabled for STR's)
3- Cold imbue has the same atk. power as light imbue has.
4- Snow Storm Multishot nuke has the same atk. power as the light nuke has.


1- Force Piercing Force | 18% Increase > 23% Increase
2- Grass Walk Speed | %77 > %105


1- Flame Body - Trial | 9% Increase ---> 15% Increase
2- Firewall | Cooldown 20 Seconds


1- Debuff success probability | 80% > 60%.
2- Force Cure series | Cooldown 10 seconds.
3- Force Heal series | Cooldown 5 seconds | Shared cooldowns.

-| EURO |-



1- PHY & MAG Fences has been removed completely.
2- PHY & MAG screens has been removed compltely.
3- Ultimate screen | Duration 30 seconds | Cooldown 5 Minutes.
4- Iron Skin | Duration 30 seconds | Cooldown 5 Minutes
5- Mana Skin | Duration 30 seconds | Cooldown 5 Minutes
6- Pain Quota | Connection Distance | 150 Meters > 65 Meters

/Atack Skills

1- Sprint Assoult | Stun Probability 33% > 20% (Knock back probability remains the same)
2- Turn Rising | Knock down probability | 50% > 45%
3- Daredevil KB Probability 30% > 25%
3- Shield knock back 80% -> 55%


1- Black res has been removed.
2- STR & INT buffs are nerfed a little bit.
3- Phy & Mag defences are nerfed (Same as CH buffs)
4- Offering | Cooldown: 10 Minutes
5- Bless Spell | 30 seconds duration | 5 Mins Cooldown | 13 Level > 12 Level.
6- Healing Orbit | 4 Level > 3 Level.
7- Holy Spell Nerf.
8- Healing cycle | Cooldown 20 seconds | HP Recovery 2957 > 2166
9- Innocent & Integrity > shared cooldown | Integrity = 10 seconds cooldown


1- Earth Quake | Simultaneous atack 5 > 4
2- Blizzard |  Simultaneous atack 5 > 4
3- Charged Squal | Simultaneous atack 5 > 4


1- The build is disabled for STR's.
2- Reflect Skill | DMG return Ratio 120% > 50%
3- Debuffs | Cooldown 10 Seconds


1- Crossbow Extreme | PHY DMG 75% Increase > 65 Increase
2- Dagger Desperate | PHY DMG 75% Increase > 65 Increase
3- Prick | Phy atk. pwr. 1282 ~ 1567 (375%) -->  1282 ~ 1567 (330%)


1- Guard Tombour | Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
2- Mana Tombour  | Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
3- Dancing of Valor | Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
4- Dancing of Magic | Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
5- Dancing of Fight | Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
6- Dancing of Wizardry |  Surrounding range Radius: 70 meters > 25 meters
7- Booming Wave Atack skill | 40% Knock-Back Probability
8- Weird Chort Atack skill  | 20% Impotent

When we get to the final skill balance, we will post details right here. So, check back before the release date.

•  Kill Points

Fortress war kills + job kills in job cave

Guild & Union Limit

Guild Limit:32 , Union limit:4.

•  Scrolls

It might sound like a PVP server thingy, yet we wanted to enable almost all of the scrolls, even added some new ones! Here you go: (Scrolls and some special items)

DMG  Scroll 10%
DEF  Scroll 10%
INT 5 Scroll
STR 5  Scroll
Sabakun's Jewel
Name change Scroll
Alchemy Boost Scroll (2%)
Alchemy Boost Scroll (3%)
Guild Name Changer Scroll
Instant return scroll
+500 HP Scroll
+500 MP Scroll
+1300 HP Scroll
+1300 MP Scroll
Honor Buffs*
Zerk Scroll
120% speed Scroll
Guild Penalty Remover
Job Penalty Remover
Advanced Elixir Remover Scroll
Premium Ticket Remover: Gold
Stat Reset Scroll
Skills Reset Scroll

Please, DON’T be concerned. They can NOT be picked up that easy. We wouldn't really be happy to see people running around with sets adv. elixirs added on each part, zerking during jobbing etc. That’d be horrible, yep, BUT, why not just enable them and make it hard to acquire them? You will need to work alot to get them. No worries! We promise that you will like it even though it doesn’t sound that good at the moment.

Silk Item Drops

You can get silk items as some uniques dropping them or you can simply purchase some silk items from the Special NPC located in Hotan. As we do not provide a vote-for-silk or silk-per-hour system, this is how you get silk items for free.

Alchemy Rate

We made it a little bit harder than usual so that our SOX system would make more sense.


HWID Limit:

You can only have 2 chars online at once. Using a proxy or having more than 2 characters online in some way, is forbidden. At fortress war times, it will be only 1 in order to make it fair for everyone. Apologies if your little brother will f*ck you up for this.

Guild Start Level

Just to make your life easier, once you create a new guild, it will already be at level 5.

Max Plus

The maximum plus you can achieve is 12.

Custom Reverse Points 

We disabled some of the reverse points, added new ones as well and a cooldown of 120 seconds. (Insert Screenshots here)

Gobal Cooldown

As it’s pretty annoying when people, we decided to add a cooldown of 20 seconds on globals. (Totally kidding.)

Stall Limit

No more of ‘’First oben stall, i pay the rest after buy’’. We have changed the maximum price.

Anti Bot

It simply makes no sense to use bots for farming gold in Januera. Item selling prices are lowered and gold drops decreased.

Custom STR Uniques:

As it is mentioned above, we wanted to give STR chars a little bit more chance to get unique kills.
(Insert Screenshots here)

Daily Coin & Point Limit

Because we want players to take part in all of the activities, we decided to set a daily coin and point limits for them.

Silk Scrolls

We have added silk scrolls in ITEM MALL
*Insert screenshot here*

Jangan Cave Mobs

They are located around Samarkand & Constantinople, spawn rate is increased.

86-91 Monsters

92-94 Monsters

95-97 Monsters

97-98 Monsters

Januera NPC’s:

Here are the NPCs located in Hotan. New avatars, scrolls and much more!

Januera NPC's. (Located in Hotan)


Website – Ranklist

-   Top Player
-   Top Job
-   Top Guild
-   Top Alchemist
-   Top GW
-   Top FW
-   Top PVP
-   Top Weekly Unique
-   Top Yearly Unique

Automatic Title Granting

Once you kill a certain unique, you will receive a title and you're able to keep it until the unique is killed again.

Bug Fixes

We had to fix those, now it should sound more fairer.

-   Purification Pill Bug
-   Stall Bug
-   Chinese Speed Bug
-   Wizard Skill Bug
-   Pet bug

CH Buffs

  Permanent Chinese buffs is a nice idea, so we have it too.


Pointed out above in the introduction, we are set to work on weekly/monthly updates rather than providing 24/7 support. That doesn’t mean you will never have a chance to contact us, we have a forum where you can share your thoughts, suggestions, recruit for your guild, tell us about your problems, report bugs etc.

Some New Stuff

We have added some new scrolls. While finding new icons for them, we realised we could also replace some other icons. After having looked at the same elixir icon for 10 years (had to stop and think about it for a second), we decided to add new icons on elixirs.

Near Future Updates: 

As we didn’t want to add everything at once, we have some other stuff scheduled to be added later on which is listed below plus more.

+ Constantinople Fortress
+ Socket Stones
+ Advanced Elixirs  (Yes, currently it’s not available)
+ Account protection (iSro system)
+ Glow & Degree Switchers
+ Custom Titles
+ Magic Pop
+ New fortress war flags (Panic, Blunting and some other)


Some other changes we did.

-   Trader NPCs are removed from Samarkand & Constantinople.
-   Mobs around Samarkand & Constantinople are replaced with mobs level 81-100.
-   Donwhang & Jangan caves are disabled.
-   Bandit fortress is disabled.
-   Resurrection scrolls, tablets, elements, mole mobs, astral stones, 1D Lucky powders, bolt – arrow drops, basic return scrolls, auto attack skill, HP/MP Grains, PK mode and destroyer rondos are removed.

Please note that things we added/removed may be altered during beta.


That's the signature link, use it if you want to support us.

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esurrection scrolls, tablets, elements, mole mobs, astral stones, 1D Lucky powders, bolt – arrow drops, basic return scrolls, auto attack skill, HP/MP Grains, PK mode and destroyer rondos are removed???



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