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« : 13. Srpanj, 2008., 08:51 »
 :( Na kraju igre DARKSECTOR uništim ono troglavo čudovište i onda me obasja neka žuta svjetlost , te svaki put
 poginem .
 Dali mi netko može reći šta treba učiniti .
 Lijep Pozdrav !



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Re: pitanje
« Odgovori #1 : 14. Srpanj, 2008., 11:51 »
Onako, totalno si fulao podforum, s obzirom da je DS izišo za X360 i PS 3. Ali dobro, evo ti copy paste za zadnjeg bossa. Nadam se da znaš engleski.

This fight takes place in three stages. In the first stage your only threat
and only target are the three tentacles in front of Mezner. The tentacles will
throw rocks at you, which can be avoided by dodging or shooting them, and will
occasionally lurch forward and try to ram you, which can be dodged as well.
They'll spit a green gas at you from time-to-time, but just keep your distance
and it won't be a problem. If you're too close to Mezner, the tentacles may
try and swallow you up, in which case a prompt will appear allowing you to
retaliate, which will stun the tentacle.

When the fight starts, electrify the Glaive using the rod hanging from the
ceiling above Mezner. You'll need to shock each tentacle at one of the glowing
green spots on them, which causes them to open up. When they do, electrify
the Glaive again and hurl it at the center of their open heads. Using the
energyPulse is the best way to open up the tentacles, since it rarely misses
and can hit multiple targets at a time. When you shock the center of a ten-
tacle, it is effectively disabled, so get to disabling all three of them.

Once you do, Mezner will assault your mind, turning the screen bright yellow.
Make sure your Glaive is charged with electricity and then Power Throw it
directly at Mezner to stop the attack. You can also try firing on him with
your most powerful gun, but for the most part the Glaive is more reliable.
If you can't hit him within 8-9 seconds, he will instantly kill you, so be ac-
curate and efficient.

In the next stage, Mezner summons two more tentacles as well as Howlers, who
attack two at a time and will re-spawn endlessly. Ignore them and disable the
tentacles the same way you did in the first stage. When Mezner assaults your
mind again, Power Throw your electrified Glaive or shoot him full of holes.

In the last stage, the Howlers disappear and five tentacles replace them,
three in front of Mezner and one on each side of you. They introduce a new
attack where smaller tentacles will whip out of the ground, which will kill
you in about 3 seconds if you don't press the prompt in time. They may also
spit fireballs at you, which miss for the most part but can be dodged. These
tentacles can be taken out the same way as the last two stages,

When Mezner tries his Jedi mind tricks for the last time, silence him with a
Glaive to the face.
Konzolasi njet gameri!

Svatko tko ima snage igrati s gamepadom cijelo vrijeme, ili nije čuo za miš, ili mu ne treba. 100% igara koje trebaju mozga, a gameri ih vole toliko da se identificiraju s njima, trebaju miš, tj. fini sustav preciznog upravljanja. Gamepad je podlozan samo casual igracima, ali nikako ne nama, gamerima.



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Re: pšitanje
« Odgovori #2 : 14. Srpanj, 2008., 12:30 »


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