Kak gledati?

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Kak gledati?
« : 18. Rujan, 2007., 10:31 »
Morete mi objasniti kako gledati repleyeve od turnira u Counter Strike-u...
Repleyevi imaju ekstenziju .dem
Probal sam ih pokrenuti u SnagIt, Fraps, BSPlayer, VLC,... al nigder ne moci



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Re: Kak gledati?
« Odgovori #1 : 18. Rujan, 2007., 10:34 »
ej bok fico, cujes tu nesmis pisat po medjimurskim :) 



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Re: Kak gledati?
« Odgovori #2 : 18. Rujan, 2007., 10:39 »
Pa to je sve isti vrag....



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Re: Kak gledati?
« Odgovori #3 : 18. Rujan, 2007., 10:39 »
FileXT kaže:


Najbolje bi bilo da probaš konvertirat taj .dem file u .avi ili nešto normalnije, a to sam našao ovdje(nisam probao pa neznam ako radi, jel):

Open CS:S (or whatever Source game/mod), and your options. Change your resolution to whatever you want the movie to be. Make sure that if you want audio, it's set to 2 speakers, and nothing else.

Open your console. Type (without the quotes in all cases in this post) "host_framerate 30", or whatever framerate you desire - NOTE: a single 640x480 frame is 900KB! They stack up quickly!

Type "startmovie filename" and replace 'filename' with whatever you want to call it. The type "playdemo demoname", again with 'demoname' being replaced with the name of the demo.

The demo will play, and the movie will record to a large number of TGA files in the directory of the game/mod. When the demo is done, type "endmovie" in the console.

Download VirtualDub: http://www.virtualdub.org/download

Open it up, and choose 'Open video file' from the File menu. Make sure 'Files of Type' is set to 'Image Sequence (*.bmp, *.tga)". Navigate to the folder the TGA images are in. Double-click the first one. VirtaulDub will piece them together in sequence.

Under the 'Audio' menu, choose 'WAV Audio' (if you can't select 'Full Processing Mode' first). Find the WAV - it's in the same folder as the TGAs. If you have DivX PRO (PRO, not the free codec) installed, choose 'Video > Compression' and set up your DivX preferences. When done, choose 'Audio > Compression' and change to MP3 of whatever bitrate. When done, choose 'File > Save as AVI' - save it, and VirtualDub will save it as a compressed AVI using the DivX codec. Any questions, email me at ls @ lsden.com, since I'll never remember this thread.

EDIT: I should add that when using the startmovie/playdemo method, it's recorded like movies like ToyStory are produced - rendering may give you single FPS, but the end result will be exactly what you specified in "host_framerate".

@ http://www.overclock.net/overclock-net-game-server/23507-convert-dem-avi-2.html

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tl;dr pušite mi kurac xD


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