Lost Ark UK release date and News You Need to know

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Lost Ark UK release date and News You Need to know
« : 06. Siječanj, 2022., 04:16 »
Players in some countries have been able to enjoy Lost Ark for a while, but the UK release date for Lost Ark is getting closer, which means UK players won't have to wait too long.

While Lost Ark has been available in South Korea since 2018, we've been waiting in the UK and the rest of Europe - but the wait is finally over.

Lost Ark will be available as a free-to-play game through Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. Here's all the info you need to know about when to play it in the UK. Read on to find out all about it!

When will The Lost Ark be released in the UK?
We tested the game in beta late last year, but when will Lost Ark UK be fully released?

Fortunately, the wait isn't long - Lost Ark will hit theaters in the UK on Friday 11 February 2022 so there are only a few weeks left.

On which platforms can you buy Lost Ark?
Since this is an Amazon title, know what to play - The Lost Ark will be available exclusively for PC through Steam. Like Amazon's New World game last year, Lost Ark is unlikely to be ported to consoles - but if the game is a huge hit here, that could well change.

What is Lost Ark?
Lost Ark is an ARPG and MMORPG - that is, it's an action role-playing game that you can basically play online with a lot of other people. It is known for what many describe as an "intense" combat system. There is no lock-on mode for aiming, so precision and timing are the keys to survival and success.

Here is the official announcement from Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG: "In The Lost Ark, players embark on an odyssey in search of the eponymous Lost Ark in a fascinating world of infinite depths and discover wonders in every corner of the map and everywhere in between. Cities, castles and catacombs.

"The game features 15 different hero classes with uniquely customizable skills that utilize a three-legged skill system that allows players to choose and improve their unique traits as they reach a certain level of combat proficiency.

"The players will dive deep into the dungeons of chaos, compete in PvP duels on an expert level, prove their courage in epic quests, ambush big and small bosses and fight against legions of demons for the power of eternity and that To regain the light of the lost ark. "

That sounds like something that could excite a large number of gamers as if it already existed - but will it be the first-ever success story for an Amazon game? Only time will give the answer.

Is Lost Ark free?
Yes, Lost Ark is a free-to-play game, which means you can download and play it on Steam starting February 11th without spending a dime.

However, Lost Ark will have optional microtransactions and paid DLC packs that players can purchase if they want to get more out of the game.

These optional add-ons range from the Founders Pack (£ 13.20 on Steam) to the very chic Platinum Edition (£ 87.99 on Amazon). But just to be clear: you don't have to pay anything to get the base game!

Is there a trailer for The Lost Ark?
While we wait for the game to be released, there's a Lost Ark trailer for you here - gold provided, of course, you haven't seen it multiple times. Check it out at https://www.ssegold.com/lost-ark-gold and look forward to February 11th when The Lost Ark launches in the UK.


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