How to Use a Custom Audio File for a Ringtone

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How to Use a Custom Audio File for a Ringtone
« : 22. Veljača, 2023., 10:56 »
Some sonnerie are made specifically for specific purposes, such as emergency calls or calls from business partners or friends. Others are more generic, like a popular song or a custom sound file.

A ringtone may be selected for the specific purpose of identifying caller 14 through a predetermined identifier, such as an audio prompt. The called party 14 is prompted to identify such a predetermined identifier, then the ringing system 10 identifies itself from a list 18 or 20 such matching ringtone for the identified call party 14, and sets such ringtone corresponding to the called part 14.

In addition, the called party 14 can subscribe to ringtone system 10 and can be provided with a different ringtone for each type of call based on the type of call represented by the ringtone presented for such call. For example, a ringtone that identifies a call as an urgent or emergency call may trill louder than a ringtone that identifies the call as non-urgent or non-urgent.
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