Ironclad Tactics

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Ironclad Tactics
« : 31. Kolovoz, 2012., 14:39 »
Od developera SpaceChem stiže nova igra. Ironclad Tactics je real-time card-based tactic igra koja je smještena u alternativni Civilni rat gdje se nalaze roboti pokretani parom. Datum izlaska je 2013. godina.

Ironclad Tactics features:
  • A unique gameplay experience, blending the precision of tactics and card games with the spontaneous decision making of a real-time strategy game.
  • A story-based campaign, told through an 80 page in-game graphic novel, that can be played alone or cooperatively.
  • Over 80 unique cards, unlocked through the main campaign, that can be used to create your own decks for both the campaign and multiplayer.
  • A diverse set of multiplayer maps and modes, including Nemesis Mode, which allows you to play as enemies from the main campaign!

Ironclad Tactics, by Zachtronics Industries


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