TRANSFER PSX save fileova na PS VITU

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TRANSFER PSX save fileova na PS VITU
« : 18. Rujan, 2017., 21:16 »
Pozdrav, zanima me da li netko na forumu ima mogućnost prebacivanja original PSX fileova ( ne mislim na emulatore nego na memory cardove za Playstation 1) na PS VITA sistem. Moguće je no za to se treba imati i PS3 konzola i FreeMCBoot Memory Card no ja nažalost to nemam a volio bih nastaviti igrati FF VII save na Viti. Ukoliko ima neka dobra duša sa tom mogućnosti voljan sam ga počastiti nekom igrom ako mi to omogući.

Ovdje su detalji:

With TheFloW's release of Adrenaline-3 we can now play PSX backups on our 3.60 PS Vita's so I thought this would be the perfect time to post this.

What you'll need:
A PlayStation memory card with a savefile on it
A Playstation 2
A way to run uLaunchELF on your PS2. That means you'll need Free MCBoot or a Mod Chip
A Flashdrive that's in FAT32 format
A PS Vita
A Computer (I'm using Windows. No idea if it works on a Mac)
MemcardRex, Get it here
A PS3 with CFW

Insert your FreeMCBoot Memory Card into your PS2's first slot, the PSX Memory Card with the saves you want to transfer into slot 2, and your flash drive into the USB port

Turn on your PS2 and start uLaunchELF.

Press circle to go into the file browser and navigate to mc1:/

Here you'll find all of the saves on your PSX memory card. The saves will have a long name with numbers and letters. The title id of the game is in this string of letters and numbers so just look for the file that has your desired game's title id in it.

Press R1 on your desired savefile and select Copy.

Press triangle to go back up the path. Navigate to mass:/

Press R1 and select Paste

We're done with the PS2. Turn it off, grab your flashdrive, and insert it into your computer.

Start up MemcardRex

Click on Import Save (the icon has a red arrow and a piece of paper), navigate to the root of your flash drive, and select the save we just copied to the flash drive.

You will see your save pop up on the list.

Highlight your save, click on file, and then click on save as

Save it to the root of your flash drive as a PS3 Virtual Memory card and name it Internal Memory Card

Remove your flash drive and insert it into your PS3. (Alternatively, you can transfer the file using ftp if you don't want to use multiman)

Start up multiman and go into the file manager.

Navigate to /dev_usb000 or /dev_usb001 depending on which slot you plugged the flash drive into

Highlight "Internal Memory Card.VM1", press circle, and select copy

Navigate to /dev_hdd0/savedata/vmc, press circle and select paste. If you have other PSX saves you care about on the PS3, make a backup of the files already there and restore them once you finish transferring the save.

Exit multiman

Now you can transfer over the save like normal. Just Connect your Vita to your PS3 and transfer it over using Content Manager on the Vita.

This will work with non Henkaku Vita's as well.
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