Floating Minds – Tunnelers interview [English]

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An interview with a promising Slovakian game development studio called Floating Minds, mostly regarding their studio and its first game – Tunnelers.

This is the english version of our interview with the Slovakian Floating Minds studio in which we spoke about their first game called Tunnelers. Its an interesting concept for a multiplayer game, they call it an online tank shooter and guess what? – Its gona be free! Being that Floating Minds is a young studio and Tunnelers being their first game, we asked the kind Slovaks a copule of questions about their studio, how they started and so on. Well, no need to delay this any further, read on…

For starters, a word or two about your development team. Floating Minds is a new name on the game industry scene, can you tell us about the studio’s background and your profiles? Is there any symbolic reference to the name Floating Minds?

Floating Minds: Floating Minds was established as an independent game development studio in 2009. The team consists of young talented people and we are willing to break through in the video game industry globally. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality games that would entertain masses all over the world.There is no symbolic reference. The name came out from one team session and we think it is interesting for our game dev studio.

So, your first project is named Tunneleres and it’s a free online tank shooter. What can you tell us about the game? In terms of gameplay elements, what differentiates Tunnelers from rest of the similar-themed games on the market?

Floating Minds: Our idea behind Tunnelers is to create an online casual shooter game that is not common these days. Tunnelers will bring in a set of features that should make the game available to anyone who likes action. Our focus is to create and maintain a big community of players who would enjoy playing the game, socialize with friends, gain achievements, rewards and more. Afterwards, we plan to listen to the voice of the community and bring those features that the community requires. We feel that many game development studios just do not listen to the voice of their gamers as they should.

What is the main thing you feel that you need to achieve with Tunnelers for the game to succeed?

Floating Minds: The game must be great fun. We want to succeed in this and create a growing community of gamers. More people will join in, more people will give us their feedback and thus help us to improve the game.

Floating Minds: Was this the game you always wanted to make or is that dream reserved for some future project?

We definitely have some ideas for other games. A lot of things depend on the success of Tunnelers. In other words, we believe Tunnelers is the first step of our long game development journey.

Floating Minds: Finally, would you like to add something? Any word of advice to all the ambitious youngsters out there who plan to found their own development studio one day?

To create a great game you need a lot of passion, determination, gather talented people with great ideas, willing to risk and last, but not least, acquire a sufficient budget .

We thank you for the time you’ve taken to answer our questions. Best of luck in your future ventures.

Floating Minds: Thank you for the interview, good luck to you too.

For the Croatian version of this interview, click here.

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