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« : 30. Travanj, 2012., 22:03 »
Catacombs is a team shooter RPG with guns that level up and spells. Players start out with a basic pistol with infinite ammo, but you’ll want to grab one of the magic infused guns as quickly as possible. Cavia made a shotgun that looks like a demonic mantis. At level one, bullets fly out underneath its head. The shotgun grows arms at level eight (the maximum level) and its head becomes the barrel. Each level up increases the width of your blast. Other weapons include a machine gun that looks like a skeleton and a dragon-like magnum that grows wings plus gains explosive bullets. All weapons illuminate the area with a built in flashlight and the color of the beam depends on which character you’re playing as. The four heroes travel together even in single player mode where the computer controls the three remaining characters.
Za više informacija klik. Nisam očekivao da će igra biti shooter, al valjda će biti nešt od igre.


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