Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is a fantastic game with a lot of potential, but it's

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Recently I've been playing a lot of Dragon's Dogma, and loving it. It's combat system is pretty unique and very fun, but that alone isn't enough to carry the whole game. That brings us to the flaws, of which this game has many. First off, it's extremely grindy in nature. This game requires a lot of exploration, side quests, and farming small enemies. I personally think it's mostly fine, but trust me when I say there is way too much of it. Couple that with the fact that the game generally doesn't have that much content, and it gets pretty boring fast. Couple that again with limited fast travel(a mechanic that I actually enjoy, but the general verdict from the community is that it sucks) and very long load times and this game becomes a 50+ hour venture that really only needed 12. Another big flaw is the writing in general. It's a bit weird is all. I feel like they didn't put enough effort into it as they could, basically. It seems like the game was built around the(admittedly fantastic) gameplay and had everything else tacked on afterwards. Every NPC has the same basic animations when talking or walking around or doing anything that isn't fighting, the pawn system seems like an afterthought - a way to get around coop, the world has like 5 main locations and most of them look the same thanks to yet another flaw, it's gritty, washed out, gray green brown red and blue color-palette https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/. I won't lie, the game looks kind of ugly. Don't get me wrong, it's graphics are fantastic, but that washed out color-palette makes it hard to look at.

If you read me write about all the flaws though, you'll think this game is kinda shitty, so here's what I love about the game:

First off, the combat. I can't dote on this enough. Each vocation has a different and unique playstyle, like the fighter is a generic sword-toting strongman who deals moderate damage but can't do anything but swing that measly sword. The mage on the other hand, has a staff for casting magic(that looks fucking awesome, check out some gameplay or something because really, the magic in this game is extremely cinematic) so they can heal teammates, deal some long range damage - but not a lot, and a charge-up blast that does hella damage, and that's just what you get at first. Over time you can learn more spells and skills as you level up your vocation, and they get real crazy. Another thing I love is the ability to climb the big bosses. It adds a surprising amount of depth to boss fights, like being able to target certain weak points like the cyclops' eye or one of the hydra heads. Speaking about the boss fights, I absolutely love them. Everything about them. They are extremely powerful fantasy beasts that require skill, strength, and teamwork to take down. They feel like genuine boss fights that take time and losses to overcome, and thanks to the aforementioned incredible combat system, it's cinematic and fun the whole way through. Another thing I like is the story. It's a bit confusing and somewhat generic, but I liked it nonetheless. Last but not least, this game has a lot of cool hidden mechanics. For instance, in the character customization your body type and weight and shit all affect gameplay - so say you come across some heavy gusts of wind in an area of the map, if you made your character more heavy-set, they won't get blown back by the wind, but if you made your character kind of scrawny, they'll have a hard time moving against the wind. It's really cool but I wish they actually told the player.

All in all, it's a fantastic game with lots of potential. It has a fantastic combat system, incredible boss battles, interesting mechanics, lots of customization, etc. etc., but due to the rushed, seemingly tacked on aspects of the game, it's hard to recommend, hell it's hard to play. Ask anyone who's played it and they'll tell you they have a love-hate relationship with it. And that's what it boils down to, I love it, and I hate it.
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